Creative Staffing Solutions, Inc. offers an unconditional thirty day replacement guarantee on all Direct Hire candidates. If for any reason our candidate is not employed within your company at the end of thirty calendar days, we will replace that candidate or fill a position of equal value for no additional charge.
  Today's Staffing Options
For one time projects needing highly skilled personnel, contract employees are your solution. During expansion many companies will utilize engineers, labor personnel, information technology experts, and a wide variety of other personnel to keep up with the routine and non-routine production. Creative Staffing Solutions, Inc. will be able to provide these top caliber employees for extended contract periods with your company today!
Temporary or Temp-to-Perm
It is becoming increasingly popular to supplement ones workforce with temporary employees. Although several demands can take its toll on many companies employees overwork and burnout does not need to be one of them! Reasons for hiring temps can include: vacations, sick or maternity leaves, internal payroll issues, and special projects. Temp-to-Perm is an excellent way of determining whether or not a candidate will be able to succeed in the position that you are hoping to fill as well determining how that candidate will blend into your corporate environment. We will handle all aspects of the temporary employees pay as he is our employee. This includes a mandatory 5 panel non-DOT drug screen, all taxes, workman's compensation insurance, and paycheck distribution.
Permanent (Direct Hire)
Traditionally this is the long term employee that will grow within the company and continue to be a valuable asset in every aspect. Once a candidate has been choose through Creative Staffing Solutions, Inc. and an offer has been accepted, that candidate will become an employee of our client company. We offer an unconditional thirty day replacement guarantee on all Direct Hires.